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Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

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Offered by Sasha Mullen.

Have you ever had a dream & been driven crazy wondering what it means? 
Our dreams are portals into other dimensions,
realms & timelines. Our guides, spirits & higher self can communicate with us & send us messages through our subconscious- we are also more susceptible to healing throughout these journeys. 
So if you’d love an interpretation & some understanding of what messages are being sent your way, this is the choice for you! 

In case your wondering how of all things I managed to get into dream interpretations, well- I am a Pisces rising who has had dreams like movies my entire life, including having the ability to astral travel & control dreams through lucid dreaming! 
Growing up friends would say things to me such as "How are your dreams so detailed?" & would love listening to all the adventures I'd have. In truth I just assumed these were standard- this was my perception of 'dreaming' & I didn't yet realize that all our experiences are so vastly different!
Because of this I've spent a lifetime studying, researching & looking up dream matter & content determined to understand my own subconscious. And whilst this was largely subjective & for fun- I have learnt a thing or two along the way 💗
To make matters even easier, my journey into spirituality over the past few years has given me a connection with my team that allows me to call on them for wisdom & support...what I lack in understanding is always clarified by tuning in & listening to the higher guidance on what the truth behind the symbolism really is (something that I will be tapping into with each reading.)

What you’ll receive:
✨An intuitive breakdown/first initial impression of the themes & symbols within your dream in PDF format for you to keep
✨Channeled messages from Spirit, these messages come from your higher-self or spirit guides.
Upon purchase you will be emailed (make sure to fill out your email address) with a template to complete & send back, requesting the details of your dream.
Dream interpretation spaces are limited with the work being carried out on Saturdays- expect to receive your PDF file within 48 hours of the following Saturday from which you pay for your service. 
This feature will be disabled in when booking time slots are no longer available for the week ahead. 

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