About Us

Welcome to High Vibe Crystals!

Here we offer a beautiful collection of ethically & sustainably sourced Crystals in a variety of Natural & Polished forms from all over the world! Our goal is to offer you Crystals & Spiritual Tools/Items that bring you joy & happiness with every purchase!

Additionally we provide various services such as guidance readings, reiki energy healings, chakra balancing & online coaching/healing courses to assist you with finding balance, self-love, inner peace & clarity on all aspects of your life!

At High vibe Crystals we work with small, family owned businesses that align with our fair trade principals & share our passion for ethical practices. 

You will find our collection of beautiful spiritual  tools & natural products in our online store. This includes smudging sticks, natural incense, Palo Santo, oracle & tarot cards, books, journals, bath salts, natural health care products, skin care & more! We love partnering with like minded, local Australian businesses that share our values & care about sustainability as much as we do!

Our Crystal & Healing studios are located South of the river, in WA whilst our High Vibe Crystal store is based completely online. Shipping is available world wide with free shipping in Australia for purchases over $100.

Love & Light to you-

Sasha & Tabitha xx

Who are we?

High Vibe Crystals is a colaberative effort between two friends & two businesses!


I am the creator & sole owner of High Vibe Crystals, I am qualified in Reiki healing & use this to infuse all products leaving our store with positive healing vibes.

I have experienced a great amount of personal healing & growth through energy work & personal development & so it became my mission to create a one stop shop for all self-love & persoal advancement/healing needs!

I have always been a lover of Crystals & for a long time denied this part of myself until I learnt it was my mission to help others obtain obtain healing through Crystal magic!

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Diamond Soul Journey


I am the creator & sole owner of Diamond Soul Journey. I work along side Sasha & provide the spiritual & healing services!

I am a qualified Reiki practitioner doing remote distance & at home healings. I also offer intuitive guidance readings as well as body energy & Chakra healings/cleansing.

Energy healing is a great way to balance, align & imrpove mind, body & spiritual wellness.

Join me on the journey to inner peace today!

You can also find me on Insagram @_tabithajv_

Or check out my Youtube channel @Tabithajv for free guidance & insights xx

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