Crystals for your Star Sign!

Each Star Sign corelates to various planets, colors, houses, body parts, mythologies & characteristic strength's & weaknesses! When looking for a Crystal its always a good idea to keep this in mind as whatever you chose can help address symptoms you may be suffering from & support your own personality type! 
Be sure to check out what Crystals will work best with your horoscope- & consider those listed under you Moon & Ascending signs too!

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 20) :

Stubborn - Moody - Open - Loving - Confident - Energetic - Thoughtful - Direct - Creative - Passionate - Courageous - Imaginative- Ambitious - Optimistic

Aries is the first Astrology sign of our Zodiac & for this reason they always want to be first & the best at everything-  & for the most part, they usually succeed at it! Aries has an abundance of energy! I've known plenty of Aries parents to come home after a full days work, get stuck into the housework or gardening & continue to run around playing with the kids all evening- very few can match their resilience to keep pushing forward! Aries are a youthful sign that keep their childish attributes well into adulthood. Aries have a strong will & LOVE to be in control, they are spontaneous & have 0 tolerance for bullsh*t! Aries prides themselves on honestly but sometimes this can be to a fault when they neglect to take into consideration the feelings of others around them.
Garnet helps Aries to gain perspective on difficult situations. It propels their life in a positive direction & adds to their self-confidence.
Carnelian helps Aries to stay present. This is especially helpful for when they get caught up in careers or goals. It also helps Aries to rest & restore energy since they are always on the go.
Jasper is all about willpower. The red variant will enhance an Aries' sex life & fertility. Jasper will strengthen creativity & self expression whilst helping Aries to move through feelings such as anger & jealousy. It will also assist those who are easily distracted.
A great Crystal for meditation this stone will put an Aries' heart at ease. Kyanite will assist in clearing energy blockages & promotes mental & spiritual growth. A great ascension tool for Aries.
One of the best grounding stones for Aries, Hematite promotes purity & will physically increase the energy of an Aries (not that they need it) whilst bringing them 'down to Earth' when they need to face reality.
Amethyst complements the personality of Aries by helping them to move towards their spirituality/higher purpose. Amethyst will help Aries open up to unimagined possibilities.
Diamond promotes ambition in Aries & shows them their weaknesses so that they may overcome them.
Rubies help foster creativity & intuition within Aries & help to increase passion within a romantic relationship.

Taurus (Apr 21 - May 20) :

Hard-Working - Moody - Consistent - Loving - Stubborn - Over-indulgent - Perfectionistic - Romantic - Ambitious - Sociable - Intelligent - Materialistic

Those born under Taurus love a happy & peaceful life. Taurus is very careful & always has a plan for everything...they like to think things through & aren't ones for making impulsive decisions. Taurus will pursue any goal they have until it reaches fulfillment, this sign loves success & all the creature comforts that come with it. Taurus makes for a true friend & will go to extreme length's to help those they love when in need. Taurian's can be overly materialistic & can sometimes get lost in the 'shiny' parts of life- but a good grounding will always return them to their true kind & gentle (yet stubborn) nature.
These gemstones promote a positive self-image for Taurus & will help them express emotions when they are consumed by worry.
Rose Quartz-
Those born under the bull will need Rose Quartz as a guide to self care. When faced with difficulties in life Rose Quartz will grant them peace of mind & clear thinking.
Agate strengthens the thoughtful & down to Earth characteristics of Taurus whilst showing them how to bring about their dreams into reality.
Chrysocolla will help free the Taurus mind from doubt & bring them back into the present.
Taurus should use Aventurine to bring about patience & tranquility. Aventurine encourages Taurus to dream & is beneficial for when they are bogged down in the more physical tangible aspects of life.
Malachite should be used in times of change for Taurus as it teaches them that this is a natural process of the universe, even the most integral parts of the cosmos undergo transformation.
Citrine provides Taurus with a sense of safety & security. It will also help them with detoxing their body & skin when over eating (as Taurian's love their food!)
Zircon is the stone for when Taurus is suffering a loss or going through sorrow. It brings about reconciliation with reality & stimulates their imagination- the brighter varieties are particularly lucky for Taurus!

Gemini (May 21- Jun 21) :

Curious - Linguistical - Intellectual - Rebellious - Ambivalent - Creative - Open - Flexible - Sociable - Inconsistent - Indecisive - Judgmental- Adaptable 

Gemini's love new things! They are curious & love learning just about everything! Gemini can see all sides of an equation & their dual nature can often make them seem contradictory as they constantly experience multiple realities or thoughts at once. Gemini's are rebels against narrow minded patterns of thought yet have a deep respect for tradition. Gemini can come off cold & dis-concerned when in reality they are just highly flexible & value freedom for everyone, including those they don't necessarily agree with. Gemini's are creative masters at communication, especially that which is written or verbal. This creative sign thrives best when they have an outlet for their expressions.
Amber will help  you in the search for new & undiscovered territories, it gives you confidence to bring your plans into reality.
Citrine will give you emotional clarity through difficult times. This crystal will help you Gemini, with grounding some of your more spiritual insights into reality. Citrine will guide your path & provide you with emotional clarity.
This gemstone is very potent for Gemini as it supports your spiritual vitality. Carnelian will stop you from getting lost down a intellectual rabbit hole & keep you steady & grounded.
Celestite will bring you relaxation & calmness with its soothing effects. Use this Crystal to keep you diplomatic & in high spirits whilst you manage your busy schedule & multiple interests.
Apophyllite will alleviate your nervousness & can help you find peace when frozen in paralysis from anxiety.
This powerful stone will assist with unifying all the deepest attributes of your being. Aquamarine will show you that true freedom lies in your ability to create healthy boundaries for yourself.
Moss Agate-
Moss Agate will bring you insight & understanding when it comes to living in harmony with others who vastly differ from yourself & your way of living.
Tigers Eye- 
Use Tiger's Eye when in need to clear your mind & gain clarity on your thoughts.

Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22) :

Emotional - Perfectionistic - Private - Ambitious - Needy - Hyper - Intuitive - Spiteful - Temperamental - Secretive - Protective - Sensitive - Nurturing

Cancers highly value security, in home, career & relationships. This sign place a lot of importance on family & like to map out their future in great detail, which can often lead to them spending a long time looking for the 'right' partner. Cancerian's have a gentle soul & are intuitively guided by their feelings & sensations. I've known plenty of Cancers who could pin-point the exact problem in their body long before any doctor could determine what was wrong. This star sign requires a lot of reassurance & needs to feel loved or valued within their relationships. Cancers are known to keep their feelings bottled up & the weight of this can lead to moody-ness or in extreme cases will cause them to become overly sensitive. This imaginative sign loves privacy & is un-interested in menial gossip/topics.
Moonstone teaches Cancer that one makes progress when they stop daydreaming & face reality or work in alignment with their highest good.
When caught up in your turbulent emotions rely on Aventurine Cancer to help you find calm & peace within your heart & mind.
Look for the white or milky variety to help you express yourself when you feel like retreating into your shell. Chalcedony will assist you in sharing your feelings with others whist warding of negative energy. This gemstone will also help you restore your creativity when your feeling alone.
Jade will give you confidence to trust in your intuition. Use a Jade touchstone in your pocket when needing security & support in difficult situations.
Opal reminds you that you are very much entitled to your feelings when overcoming life's difficulties.
When holding too much inside use Olivine to alleviate anxiety & depression.
These stones help Cancer with being more tolerant when connecting with others & will restore their sense of serenity & balance. Use these two Crystals to enhance your imagination & intuition as well as release feelings of anger.
Use Sodalite when you need to keep a cool head & remain calm in the midst of your flooding emotions.


Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 23) :

Positive - Prideful - Energetic - Creative - Magnetic - Charismatic - Insensitive - Fair - Brave - Jealous - Impatient - Dominant - Self-centered

It's well known that Leo's love to be the center of attention. They are a charming sign that likes to bask in the admiration & validation of others. Leo's never shy away from a disagreement & always fight for what they believe in. Rules & regulations that hinder a Leo's creativity or freedom are not appreciated & yet this sign almost always remains optimistic & vivacious. A misaligned Leo can easily lose track of the bigger picture & can become too co-dependent on the affection of others & lose sight of compassion (especially to those Leo considers as 'rivals'.) As much as Leo loves to be taken care of, their pride often leaves them running on empty as they take on too much emotionally, mentally & physically. The good news is, Leo has the innate ability to recognize their short comings & can always find their way back to love & balance.
Larimar will help protect you Leo from exhaustion & give you new ways of thinking in order to help you overcome old persisting problems.
Peridot will revive your aura & help keep you feeling young & fresh, it will also strengthen your immune system Leo.
A very potent stone for you Leo, Chrysoberyl will give you more tolerance & gentleness when dealing with others & is a perfect stone to help strengthen personal & professional relationships. It will also regenerate your optimistic energy.
Pink Topaz works best for you as it fosters honesty, fairness & sincerity when dealing with matters of business. It will also help prevent you from becoming frazzled in stressful situations.
Black Onyx will keep your mind free & flexible. It will also assist you in manifesting your plans.
Citrine will bring you rest & relaxation when you become drained. This Crystal will also help you be more compassionate & understanding when it comes to dealing with others.
This highly protective stone brings about modesty & self-control within you Leo so that your loving & attractive nature is more apparent.
Tiger's Eye- 
Use Tiger's Eye for self-reflection as it will help you overcome limitations & guide you more towards your spiritual development.


Virgo (Aug 24 - Sep 23) :

Manipulative - Systematic - Smart - Dismissive - Stubborn - Kind - Sensitive - Sympathetic - Reliable - Patient - Critical - Sentimental 

Virgo's carefully consider & plan our their entire lives. If there is a situation that could occur- no matter how unlikely it is they will experience it, you can bet Virgo will have mentally played out the entire scenario! This sign is guilty of over thinking & over analyzing which often leads them to anxiety & a multitude of sleepless nights. Virgo's are more so organized then they are necessarily neat or tidy...Its common to come across a Virgo in what appears to be a chaotic, messy room only for them to know exactly where every last thing goes & to have a use for even the most bizarre 'junk' like objects- Virgo's are sentimental creatures (despite being pragmatic) which tends to prevent them from throwing things out even when they don't 'seem' to have a use. Virgo's can often dismiss what they don't fully understand & for that reason they can come across as aloof or snobbish. Virgo's actually have a quick whit & can be very playful & humorous if your ever lucky enough to get to know one, they keep their inner circles small. Be careful though, as Virgo can be quite manipulative, often playing dumb when they have full awareness of their actions.
Tiger's Eye- 
Tiger's Eye will lighten the burden of every day life for you Virgo by lessening your need for security & conforming to other peoples expectations. Tiger's Eye also helps you to be less of a perfectionist & will assist you in opening up your emotions without fear.
Jasper will strengthen your grasp on reality & keep you grounded. Use this Crystal for mental clarity, inner harmony & self-restraint.
Carnelian promotes idealism & the awareness of social issues. It supports Virgo in their endeavors to help others by giving them added strength to do so.
Ametrine assists Virgo with expressing their feelings & will help them gain maturity. Use Ametrine to clear emotional blockages & clear energy when things become stagnant.
Azurite will help you reveal truth & wisdom from your higher self. This Crystal will encourage you Virgo, to be more romantic & to lean into your spiritual side.
Jade will give you health & vitality by clearing blockages throughout your chakra points. Jade will also give you clarity on muddled emotions & strengthens your immune system.
Lapis Lazuli-
Lapis Lazuli will help lessen your self control/inhibition's so that you may express yourself & relax into a deeper state of being. This Crystal is incredibly healing for Virgo drawing out their inner strength.
Sodalite will increase your inner awareness Virgo & help you to express yourself daily. This Crystal will show you how to connect your spiritual & materialistic worlds.

Libra (Sep 24 - Oct 23) :

Balanced - Individualistic - Intellectual - Idealistic - Intuitive - Indecisive- Compromising - Sensual - Patient - Extroverted - Thoughtful

Librans seek balance in all things, they strive for justice, fairness & don't particularly like having to make decisions. This is often because Librans are highly led by intuition & tend to act instinctually from higher guidance without having to weigh up the practical pro's & cons. Librans hate conflict & this can often mean they compromise or suffer to keep the peace, even in instances where they shouldn't. This desire for harmony often leads Libra to sacrifice their own interests in order to please others. When Libran's learn to justly value their own inner happiness & peace as much as everyone else's, they can shake off the fear of losing & will instead gain so much more. Libra's are intelligent, creative beings, that require stimulation of all the senses- mind, body, spirit & soul, after all, its about balance!
Smoky Quartz- 
Smoky Quartz will help keep your life free from turmoil. It will give you the concentration you need Libra to resolve problems, challenges & bring about fresh ideas. 
Kunzite will bring Libra inner peace & security. Use this stone for added confidence in making necessary self-reliant decisions.
A very important ally for you Libra, Aquamarine brings about inner freedom as well as mental & spiritual clarity. It helps you stand firm in your decisions to not give in to others.
Sugilite is all about the freedom & for you Libra this helps you with self-definition, restraint, self acceptance & career advancement.
Chrysocolla will help calm the stressed out Libra & help you to let go of anger. This stone fosters tolerance & harmony helping Librans to find their way back to that inner peace when overwhelmed by emotion.
Blue Tourmaline emits a peaceful frequency & keeps Libra in a mind, soul & body, balanced state. Blue Tourmaline will help Librans realize their destiny & take responsibility for their actions.
Malachite will keep you grounded & lift your spirits in times of trouble. This Crystal brings Libra back into harmony with nature where it is most comfortable.
Carnelian will lengthen your attention span Libra & will help you be more productive by restoring your energy & vitality.


Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22) :

Magnetic - Possessive - Honest - Vengeful - Stubborn - Brave - Passionate - Sexual - Loyal - Determined - Ambitious - Secretive - Jealous

Scorpio gets a bad wrap as being known as the 'villain' & in fact, many renowned serial killers/murderers fall into this star sign, however, what people fail to realize is that Scorpio always stays in control of their own demise, for it is often a result of their own doing. Scorpio is ruled by the Lord of the Underworld (Pluto) & therefore feel right at home playing in the deep dark depths that most people fear. Despite this, Scorpio is highly regenerative & is a prime example of 'death has to occur, in order for life to begin'. Scorpio's are highly loyal & selective, when you experience the love from one- it will only ever falter in cases of betrayal, for you, they will go to the ends of the Earth! A Scorpio is never half hearted for this is the sign that deals in extremes- hence why they can go from full blown passion & love to uttermost rage & plotting vengeance- they feel everything on a deeper level. 
Hematite will help Scorpio with patience & trust, especially when in a relationship. This stone promotes compromise for Scorpio.
Fluorite is best for a Scorpio's intellectual development. A great stone for improving the Ego, Fluorite will help you with the endurance of willpower.
For Scorpio, Obsidian will bring about emotional/mental flexibility & an ease of tension in the shoulders/neck area that often plagues Scorpio's. 
Sard is the stone of Justice & is perfect for helping Scorpio to dial down their fanatical nature whilst on the pursuit for what is 'right'. Sard sharpens the mind & promotes an openness when dealing with other people. For Scorpio, Sard will help you to be more outgoing with Friendships.
Red Tourmaline will help Scorpio release plans & ideas that do not come to fulfillment- it also helps Scorpio with self awareness around other peoples wishes/ideas.
Agate helps Scorpio remain true to themselves & keep that inner purity whilst dealing with life's difficulties.
This stone helps Scorpio with self reflection & increases their self-compassion whilst going about the truth in a more tactful & gentle way.
Jade encourages Scorpio to be more sympathetic & to enjoy life. It helps them stay present & not take life too seriously.

Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21) :

Adventurous - Impatient - Adaptable - Positive - Independent - Nurturing - Philosophical - Humorous - Aloof - Egotistical - Smart

Sagittarians are naturally positive by nature. They have a knack for sharing their knowledge & skills with others which makes them great natural teachers. For this reason, Sagittarians can also become intolerant of other peoples perspectives & sometimes need a reminder in humility. Sagittarians are sociable, philosophical signs that value their freedom- nothing is more off-putting to them then someone trying to control their way of life. Sagittarians have an inbuilt sense of responsibility & justice which can cause them to become impatient & irritable when they feel something or someone is 'wrong'. Fortunately for others, Sagittarians won't hold grudges. This sign is well adapted to change, in fact, they thrive in it & they make for great explorers of the world around them having an innate respect & love of nature.

Lapis Lazuli- 
Lapis Lazuli will help Sagittarius to realize their asperations & convey them to others. It will also help bring about a partner that will share your love of adventure & freedom.
Obsidian will help you along your journey of self-discovery Sagi, & will protect you from self doubt or negative external influences.
Aventurine's connection to the Earth's magnetic field will strengthen Sagittarius's inner cheerfulness & positive vibrations. Use this stone when wanting to make a powerful impact on the world around you.
Sodalite will help you remain true to yourself Sagittarius when defending your points of view, it will help guide you to a higher level of understanding & concentration.
Moonstone will awaken new depths of creativity & imagination. It lends Sagittarius greater endurance & protection from impulsiveness.
Apatite will give you joy in relating to others & is extremely helpful in combating irritability & a lack of motivation. It will also help keep a Sagittarius's anger in check & is an antidote to grief or other hard to face emotions.
Chalcedony will help protect a Sagi from restlessness & make them more reliable whilst they look inwards to what is really important & essential in life.
Amethyst will assist you in developing a trust for your instincts when you begin to doubt your core values. It will give Sagittarius the spiritual power to recognize life's meaningfulness & higher purpose.
Blue Topaz-
This Crystal is a true companion for Sagittarius as it will always help them find their way through exploration in the wilderness so they can return home safe.


Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20) :

Pragmatic - Dependable - Loyal - Rigid - Hard-working - Ambitious - Kind - Responsible - Trustworthy - Traditionalist - Selfless - Humble - Capable

Capricorns are the hard workers of the Zodiac. Regardless of what they chose to pursue career wise they will almost always reach the top through sheer dedication & perseverance. Capricorns have a high respect for tradition & authority & do really well working within rules & guidelines. The risk for Capricorn is that they can tend to be too focused on taking life seriously that they miss out on the joy that comes from spontaneity & human connection. Despite being lovers of work Capricorns are deeply passionate & loyal when it comes to their relationships & will often put the desires of family & friends before their own, even when its to their own detriment.
Onyx increases wisdom & serenity for Capricorn. It will help them to retain an appreciation for the small things in life whist they strive for their goals.
Malachite will help Capricorn to stay aware of their unconscious wishes, dreams & feelings so that they may contribute to their overall success.
Dark Green Tourmaline works best for Capricorn as it will assist them in achieving wealth & recognition. It serves as a reminder that these are rewards for your hard work & effort whilst tempering any pride or arrogance.
Agate in general will help Capricorn feel relaxed & safe. Agate promotes the ability to trust & let go of gripes even within ones own family. 
Moss Agate-
This is Capricorns lucky stone as Moss Agate assures happiness in both love & friendship. It can also provide deeper connections with colleagues & mother nature.
Jasper for Capricorn will help with self-confidence & staying steadfast. It will also remind them that life's meaning lies beyond their everyday duties.
Obsidian will protect from negative influences that can be draining on a Capricorns life force. This stone will also help Capricorn achieve balance & serenity.
Smoky Quartz-
Use Smoky Quartz to loosen the attachment you have on the material world Capricorn & to become more sensitive & understanding of those around you.

Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19) :

Innovative - Independent - Optimistic - Intelligent - Eccentric - Assertive - Indifferent - Unique - Devoted - Idealistic - Condescending - Compassionate

Aquarians strive for independence, they have a naturally cheerful & optimistic nature. Aquarians are the innovators of the Zodiac often becoming revolutionaries or reformers as they are always on the cutting edge of technology & ideas. Aquarians are concerned with matters on a global scale rather then on an individual level & this can often leave them with an interest in politics or global economics. This natural thirst for learning & education coupled with a desire for what's 'new' can sometimes make Aquarius a difficult partner, as they are always striving for the next thing & can become restless in relationships. Aquarians can sometimes allow their ideals & dreams to get the better of them & can need reminders of the current reality in front of them.
Turquoise will help temper the urge for new things with Aquarius & assists them with mood swings. This Crystal will counter indifference & will encourage appreciation of ones romantic partner.
Aquamarine helps Aquarius with psychological integration & mediates between their desire for freedom & the need for boundaries.
Labradorite will Strengthen the intuition of Aquarius & help them realize their goals. It will also calm restlessness. Black, Finnish Labradorite is particularly effective for promoting fantasy & creativity.
Amazonite has a calming effect on Aquarius & promotes vitality & joy within their life. Amazonite is also helpful when dealing with grief & provides assistance with a good nights sleep.
Fluorite strengthens intellectual understanding of the truth & helps Aquarians to grasp cosmic ideas.
Malachite will bring unconscious elements of hopes & plans into full awareness for Aquarius & teaches them to believe in themselves as well as listen to their own bodies. 
Falcon's Eye-
Falcon's Eye stands for awareness. It will help Aquarius to concentrate on essential things & to address their character weaknesses.
Jade helps bind Aquarius to tradition as it offers them an understanding & appreciation of passed on wisdom. A great stone to use when a pausing for reflection.

Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20) :

Sensitive - Intuitive- Sympathetic - Wise - Imaginative - Romantic -Compassionate -Indecisive - Weak-willed - Lazy - Insecure - Unrealistic

 Pisces are a lovable sign that can appear self confident & superficial when in reality it is just a front to hide their true vulnerable nature behind the surface. This water sign shy's away from the spot light & has a gift for helping others. Due to their kind nature it is often common for them to be taken advantage of. This gracious & intuitive sign can easily overcome rejection & defensiveness when they accept themselves for who they are. A challenge for Pisces is to not shut themselves off from the world, for when they embrace their vulnerability they have the ability to penetrate life's deepest mysteries- provided they don't give in to feelings of helplessness along the way.
Amethyst will give Pisces the strength & courage to open their heart to love & furthers their creative gifts. This Crystal also helps Pisces to organize their feelings in a coherent manner.
This stone is known to bring with it harmony & happiness. For Pisces, Opal will advance their meditations & restore cheerfulness when they are bogged down by emotion.
Fluorite will help Pisces grasp complex truths & restore their sense of proportion when they come to dead ends.
Agate provides Pisces with stamina & patience, as well as improves thir self-confidence.
Carnelian assists Pisces in putting the past behind them & gives them a sense of stability & energy to move forward when stagnant.
Rose Quartz-
Whilst providing inner harmony Rose Quartz helps Pisces to steady out those mood swings & heals their emotional wounds.
Citrine will help Pisces to express their emotions & clears away any energy blockages they may be experiencing within their body. This gem also helps with clearing out Pisceans irritability & dissatisfaction.



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