Why Crystal Healing?

Ever wondered why Crystals have been increasing in popularity? Well here is a brief summery of how Crystal healing works & what it can do for you!

Brief Crystal History:

Healing with Crystals & Gemstones is a practice that dates back to the fourth millennium before Christ & has been used by doctors & Physicians of varying cultures world wide! Used in elixirs, pastes & powders- or by placing the stone on parts of the body, Crystal healing is taught as part of the medical curriculum in Indian universities & can be found in Chinese medical journals for over thousands of years. One famous Renaissance physician even said:

"There is only one source of health: the irresistible, wise, limitlessly powerful healer within us. This healer has the ability to cure all things. The only reason that someone becomes sick is that the inner healer has been weakened & obstructed through careless habits of living. When I want to treat a person, the only thing I attempt to do is to restore the healing power within."

-Paracelsus, Physician

Further evidence of the significance of Crystals can also be found throughout the bible where Crystals served as symbols of health & holiness. So what makes Crystal so popular then? How is something physical, found in the Earth capable of healing or having effects on our bodies or psyche's?

The answers are found in the energetic vibrations that Crystals possess.

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

When we think of Crystals we often tend to think of shiny, pretty- yet stagnant rocks, with no life force, no movement. Science has come to establish that our human body- despite being physical is made up, essentially of energy. We are moving, vibrating, atoms! Like us, Crystals are also made up of a molecular energy composition that vibrates at the same frequency as humans- with each peace giving off its own unique frequency. Crystal energy gives off vibrations that interact with our own energetic field, meaning that far from being a 'stagnant rock' Crystals & Gemstones can 'move' & interreact with our bodies & our energy...or life force whilst remaining physically intact & still.

Since Crystals are naturally extracted & come from the Earth they also contain energy from their surroundings, be it the Earth- Sun, Moon or Sea....which all posses powerful healing energies of their own. You know that feeling you get when you've spent a day in nature...enjoying...being present...being grounded....appreciating & absorbing the beauty? Thank the energy of the trees, plants, water, animals, soil & sky around you!

So Which Stone is Best?

Since all Crystals have their own unique properties & powers, which Crystal you use really depends on what you need! When we tune in & listen to our bodies...we can often find exactly what it is looking for! Sometimes this comes in the form of being drawn to a piece we see...& sometimes our bodies communicate by providing us with Physical symptoms...ie. headaches, anxiety or irritability.

When you observe your physical symptoms you can be matched with Crystals that will assist you in whichever way you desire. Often Crystals are categorized by color since these match to our bodies Chakra's (energy center points within our body.) 

To learn more about which colored Crystals, or types, heal what- check out our Chakra Color Guide here!

If you're interested in learning more about the Chakra's, including Crystal healing & how this can effect our lives- then take a look at our 7 week course on Unlocking Your Self-Healing Powers. Through this course you'll be mentored around all the ways in which you can shift stuck energy within your body to transform your life & heal yourself from within.

For a more comprehensive reading on Crystal origins & meanings, check out "Healing Crystals & Gemstones" by Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer Gisela Schreiber.
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