Who are we?

High Vibe Crystals is a colaberative effort between two friends & two businesses!


I am the creator & sole owner of High Vibe Crystals, I am qualified in Reiki healing & use this to infuse all products leaving our store with positive healing vibes.

I have experienced a great amount of personal healing & growth through energy work & personal development & so it became my mission to create a one stop shop for all self-love & persoal advancement/healing needs!

I have always been a lover of Crystals & for a long time denied this part of myself until I learnt it was my mission to help others obtain obtain healing through Crystal magic!

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Diamond Soul Journey


I am the creator & sole owner of Diamond Soul Journey. I work along side Sasha & provide the spiritual & healing services!

I am a qualified Reiki practitioner doing remote distance & at home healings. I also offer intuitive guidance readings as well as body energy & Chakra healings/cleansing.

Energy healing is a great way to balance, align & imrpove mind, body & spiritual wellness.

Join me on the journey to inner peace today!

You can also find me on Insagram @_tabithajv_

Or check out my Youtube channel @Tabithajv for free guidance & insights xx

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