The Energy of Crystal Shapes!

If you're new to Crystals & their magical healing properties, you might not realize that different Crystal shapes have different uses, meanings & ways of dispersing energy.
Crystals come in every color of the rainbow & are used for a variety of reasons. Crystal Shapes are more than just for aesthetic purposes; there is much more to them than meets the eye. Understanding the meanings of Crystal shapes will assist you in determining which form is best for you & your personal needs.

Towers - Points - Obelisks

Towers or points generally have six to eight sides as well as a flat base on which to stand. Natural points in crystals such as Amethyst or Clear Quartz can be found in towers that have been carved or polished into these shapes. Crystals shaped like this are excellent because they direct energy upwards & out, allowing you to direct that power wherever you desire. They will emit directional energy dependent on where they are placed in a space, so make sure you position them with intention!

Meditation & the movement of stagnant energy, used in the center of a crystal grid, brings Feng Sui into a room & powerfully directs energy in any space.


Spheres are wonderful because their round shape emits energy from all sides, extending their power throughout an entire room. The Sphere represents the circle of life & brings about a meaning of wholeness combined with life force energy. Sphere Crystals instill feelings of balance, peace & unity within us. Their overall energy is ideal for healing your inner child & encouraging your playful side.

Hold in each hand during meditation, massage therapy, intention programming or use as the center Crystal in a grid.


The spiritual significance of the Pyramid shape has been recognized throughout history. Pyramids connect energy from the Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra, allowing us to feel grounded while tuning into higher dimensional consciousness. As it provides the energy flow out of the point, the Pyramid's base has a very grounded force. In Sacred Geometry, the pyramid is known as a Tetrahedron & its primary function is to aid in manifestation.

Place in the center of a Crystal grid to help balance Chakras, bring Feng Shui into your home, use for meditation &/or feel the life force energy through the Pyramid's tip.


Egg shapes are similar to spheres in that they emit energy from all sides. They also represent life & fertility, which are associated with transformation & new beginnings. Eggs have a gentle, feminine energy that can empower those who possess them. Crystal eggs can also help people become aware of suppressed emotions or imbalances, which is beneficial for healing.

Program an egg to be used in meditation, a Crystal grid, or for Chakra balancing. Eggs can also help with reflexology & the easing of physical pain. Great for working with at the start of a new journey.

Clusters - Geodes

Geodes, unlike Clusters, retain all of their power on the inside & display nothing special from the outside. Geodes are excellent for charging & cleansing smaller Crystals such as Tumbled Stones.
Crystal Clusters give off powerful vibrations because they combine many points. Because no two Crystal Clusters are ever the same, each one is unique. Choose your Clusters intuitively & know that no one else will ever have a piece like yours.

Meditation, channeling energy, cleansing a space, using as a jewelry holder or holding other smaller Crystals.

Palm Stones - Worry Stones

Palm Stones or Worry Stones are the ideal shape & size for your palm. They are perfect for meditation & enjoying the various healing properties of various Crystals. Palm stones make excellent gifts because they are inexpensive but exceptional in their simplicity. Worry Stones are great for those with Anxiety as rubbing them can be a way of calming the mind & distracting the hands.

Meditation, pocket attraction, place under a pillow to encourage a good night's sleep or use as a fidgeting device.


Heart-shaped Crystals are similar to Palm Stones in that they are best held in your hand while meditating or attuning. Heart-shaped crystals connect you to loving energies & emit feelings of peace & harmony. They can be especially beneficial to those who are highly sensitive to energies because the energy they emit is very soft & gentle.

Use for Heart Chakra healing, meditation, programming with specific heart intentions & attuning to your desires.


Freeform Crystals are usually carved in an irregular shape due to its natural formations; you can see this in Crystals like Labradorite, which come in a slab-like shape. Because of the irregular structures of the Freeform Crystals, their configuration does not have a specific intended meaning, but its beauty is instead organic & unique.

Statement pieces, meditation, Reiki, paperweights, or bookends are all possibilities.


Crystal wands come in a variety of sizes, shapes & types, such as a DT wand which stands for a double terminated point at each end. There are also wands that are rounded on both sides with the intention of massaging. Natural DT points can also be found in Crystals such as Citrine & Quartz. Wands are fantastic because they allow energy to be directed as it flows, making them ideal for releasing negative energy & bringing healing into one's life. Wands are an excellent tool for clearing blockages & are used by many healing practitioners.

Move energy in healing, Reiki, spell work, rituals, transmute negative energy, Crystal grid activation & energy attunement or manifestation work.


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