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Gemini/June Monthly Subscription Box

Gemini/June Monthly Subscription Box

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Gemini 2023 Subscription Box

May 21st - June 21st

These subscription or Birthday boxes are designed to coincide with your Astrological sign & include Crystals that are beneficial for your energy! ✨✨ Alternatively you don’t have to be a Gemini to buy one of these boxes- if the Crystals are what your after or if you just want to embody the traits or characteristics of a Gemini at this time, then this may also be for you!

Element: Air

Modality: Mutable- Adaptable, Subtle & Changeable 

Characteristics: Inquisitive, Logical, Versatile & Sociable


  • 1x Mini Celestite Cluster
  • 1x Gemini Crystal Candle (this could include different botanical & crystals then the ones featured above as they are examples of what you could get)
  • 1x Pack of Maroma Incense all natural & fair trade (10sticks within a pack)
  • 1x Moss Agate Bracelet
  • 1x Kiso Jasper Freeform
  • 1x Tigers Eye Large Tumble
  • 1x Piece of Apophyllite 

Each box contains descriptions of the Crystals & their unique healing benefits for Gemini’s specifically 💖 


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