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Black Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Black Amethyst Crystal Cluster

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1x Black Amethyst Specimen

Approx 536grams  

Meaning: Similar to Amethyst, Black Amethyst crystal is a natural reliever of stress & anxiety & emanates an energy that is calming + nurturing. In a sense, black Amethyst is the ultimate grounder and protector of all the stones. It works powerfully with the higher chakras & as such, can help awaken & open the third eye. It is also particularly meaningful for helping ward off psychic attacks as it’s dark colour brings in elements of grounding & protection. This makes black amethyst particularly powerful for keeping you focused & of a clear mind during the meditation process. It is also a natural reliever of physical pain in the body.
It is mainly the combination of Hematite mixed with the other fabulous properties of Amethyst that makes black Amethyst such a powerful healing Crystal. It is also a great crystal for empaths, as it creates a protective shield around its wearer. As such, it shields not only the physical body from harm but also the aura. For those suffering from addictions, black amethyst is a powerful help for overcoming unhealthy habits. Another amazing, & more unique benefit, is that black amethyst is a powerful reliever of migraine headaches. According to spiritualists, migraine headaches occur whenever an excess of energy enters the Crown & Third Eye Chakras. Since it then fails to flow naturally downwards, it creates a migraine headache. It is the inclusion of Hematite in black Amethyst that aids the flow of this excess of energy harboured in the upper Chakras of the body to flow through the base & back into the Earth.
Chakra: Root, Third Eye & Crown
Star Sign: Aquarius & Pisces


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